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We guarantee that our pearls correspond to the highest quality. Because we only work with suppliers in countries that traditionally only highly
produce qualified quality products.

The glass beads in all kinds of shapes and sizes find their origin in the Czech Republic. The employees of these companies are real professional people in this field.
They are known for their centuries-long pearl production, both by machine and handmade. The beads produced for us have different sheaths, which creates the
unique glass beads.
Whether it comes to ground in faceted beads, pressed beads or pearls ummantellte, quality is our top priority.
Metal parts such as beads, jewelry pendant, leather slider buckles and filigree beads are manufactured in Spain, Italy or Greece.

There, you meet the best mold maker pouring the beads.
After pouring a final position is still applied, this also makes re different colors available, such as: gold, pink, bronze or black.

The basic materials:
There is nothing to lose but annoying as its unique and persöhnliches bracelet because it opens unintentionally. The basics have to be right, then, why are a good lobster clasp,
calot, buigring, nylon and jewelry glue a must! The parts that you will find in "Kraal s hobby" has been selected for quality.

The leather
The leather products come from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany. Dutch products such as leather bracelets and flat leather
are manufactured in our own workshops and can be customized on request. Because we choose the leather even for the particular item, you can with us
provide a unique collection together.

We supply glass beads and pearls made out of various other materials such as shells, skin, gelacktes leg and even nuts and seeds.


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